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Office Cleaning

Duration time varies

  • 3 hr
  • Custom Invoice
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

OFFICES: -vacuum/mop floor -windows/window sills cleaned -empty trash bins -clean/dust office furniture -clean/dust decor -ceiling dusted/cobweb removal -dust light fixtures+surfaces -vacuum upholstery -wipe/ disinfect all light switches+railings+door handles -air vents dusted -disinfect telephones KITCHEN: -wipe/disinfect cabinet exteriors -empty trash cans -wipe/disinfect lightswitches+handles+surfaces -dust light fixtures -clean/wipe furniture -clean/disinfect countertops -sweep/vacuum+mop floor -clean/disinfect sink -clean windows+ window sills -cobweb removal -clean microwave inside+out -clean/disinfect exterior of appliances BATHROOM: -wipe/disinfect light switches+handles -cobweb removal -clean/disinfect countertops -clean mirrors -empty trash cans -dust light fixtures -clean/disinfect sinks -clean/wipe walls+stall doors -sweep+mop floors -restock toilet paper/soap/towels -clean/disinfect toilets+urinals RECEPTION AREA: -empty trash bins -clean entrance door -wipe/disinfect light switches+handles+surfaces -clean mirrors -cobweb removal -dust all surfaces+decor -dust light fixtures -vacuum/mop floors -vacuum upholstery -clean/wipe windows+window sills

Cancellation Policy

In the event the Client needs to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment 24-hour notice is required. Notice may be given by phone or email. Should the Client fail to give a 24-hour notice more than once, Client must pay 30% of the fee for the canceled cleaning. In the event the Cleaner needs to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment 24-hour notice will be given to Client. If Cleaner fails to give a 24-hour notice, Client will receive 1 free cleaning.

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